Sharon Huntley Land
Enthusiastic student of Design, Art and Life.

My Story

Harmony in interaction.  

Satisfaction in user experience.

Beauty in simplicity.

In my happy place

In my happy place

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From as far back as I can remember, I could look at something and draw it exactly as it appeared. It is a gift I inherited from my mother, who was an artist. Creating art and designing has always been how I communicate and how I center myself. It has a magical ability to relax and soothe me. I learned the gift of being present with myself in making art.

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Recently I decided to make a change in my life. I had been a successful fine artist for 15 years, but I was feeling that I was not using all the parts of myself. Sure I was satisfying the need to create, but I also love problem solving and organizing.

Back in college I studied Cognitive Science, and specialized in Neuroscience as well as minoring in art. I really enjoyed being able to pursue all my interests, both analytical and creative at the same time. If only there were a career in which one could take a problem, analyze it from all angles, and provide a creative solution that would make our lives better??? You guessed it, I found UX.

I have always wanted to find a career that serves the greater good. Helping us all have better experiences with the products and services that we use everyday frees us up to have more time, and more energy to do the things we love, and spend time with those we love….

By solving our own most difficult problems, we’re potentially creating immense value for everyone else. – Jason Amunwa, Director of Products at Digital Telepathy

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In my free time I enjoy getting outside as much as possible. Hiking, trail running, backpacking/camping and yoga are essential to a happy and well-rounded me. Our family likes to pursue experiences and adventures that change and shape us, and inform us about the world outside ourselves. The more we get out of our own heads, listen and experience, the more rich our lives become.

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