to my world.

I am artist Sharon Huntley Land.  I use acrylic paint to bring nature into our homes and into our lives.  I delight in taking small delicate leaves, petals of flowers, droplets of water - things we don't notice - and making them inescapable and brilliant.

I paint in a style called 'photorealism.'  In other words, my paintings end up looking like the photo that I use as my source image.  However, my paintings are not exactly like the photos.  Something in the translation from eye through self, and out through my hand makes them look just a bit different.  I bring my own communication of how I am feeling into the piece that I am painting.  Something about the piece demands that I paint that particular one, and I never know why until I'm at least halfway through!

Feeling the expanse of nature - and the smallness of myself - puts me in my place, and at the same time, welcomes me into the expanse.

I aim to communicate that feeling through my art to others.

hope you enjoy - 

and yes, they are paintings!




I live and work on Bainbridge Island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I have lived on Bainbridge for just over 5 years, and previously was in Santa Cruz, CA for 10 years.   That is where I got my start in the art world, and can't thank the Santa Cruz community enough for their support and appreciation.  However, I fell in love with Bainbridge from the moment the harbor came into view from the ferry.

I doubt if I will ever leave.

I am a Web/Graphic/Visual Designer by day, and an artist when I can get the time!  I love working with clients on commissions, so if there's something you'd love for me to paint, but I haven't yet, please email me and let's talk!

I don't have my work in any galleries currently, but previously was in the Front Street Gallery in Poulsbo, and showed at the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour for a few years.  Just recently I took a break to start up a career in the digital world, but painting is something I know will always be there for me. 





Please drop me a line and let me know what you think of my work.
Have an idea for a piece that you don't see here?  Let's chat!  I'm always up for commissioned work.  My pricing is the same, commission or not.  I price per square inch to make it easy on myself.
Bainbridge Island, WA




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